Perception is everything! Royal Blood mess with your heads a little bit in the video for their new single, 'Figure It Out.'

The Ninian Doff-directed video is shot in red and blue hues and focuses on a dazed young woman entering a mall. As the video opens, we slowly begin to notice the mall's patrons running for cover while security closes in on this woman with a blood-soaked dress.

As she's cornered by security, she shows some serious skills fending off her attackers. Add in a "missing" sign and an attractive male pursuer that stops her in her tracks and you think you've got the whole story. But the title of the track should be a clue -- there's still plenty to figure out. Watch the intriguing clip above.

'Figure It Out' comes from Royal Blood's self-titled debut disc. The album is due for release on Aug. 25 in North America via Warner Bros. Records. Look for Royal Blood capitalizing on their recent momentum by touring the States this summer. They'll headline select shows and also support the Pixies and the Arctic Monkeys for select dates while mixing in festival appearances at Lollapalooza and Osheaga. See their upcoming shows here.