Losing a loved one is never easy, so it's of the utmost importance that cemeteries treat these final resting places with nothing less than full respect.

However, a cemetery in southeastern Colorado has upset many loved ones whose family members' final resting places are there with what many are considering a disrespectful and aggressive cleanup.

Colorado Cemetery Accused of Disrespecting Final Resting Places

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Our story takes place at Roselawn Cemetery just outside of Pueblo, Colorado. The cemetery is in an area that locals refer to as "out in the county," which is known for its farmland and green chiles.

The cemetery conducted its spring cleanup earlier this week, allegedly without letting families with loved ones there know about it, which was about two weeks earlier than the original plan of doing it on May 1st.

However, the biggest issue is the manner in which the cemetery performed this cleanup, allegedly tossing heaps of flowers, decorations, and other belongings into trash bags and piles on the ground.

Following this discovery, families with loved ones buried in the cemetery expressed nothing short of outrage, prompting the cemetery to post the following on Facebook:

We apologize to our Roselawn families for our aggressive spring clean-up.

Our communication efforts could have been better. Presently we are putting a hold on any further clean-up until we reassess our cemetery clean-up moving forward.

Families that had items removed, please contact our office and we will assist you in recovering those items.

There was no intention to disrespect any family or loved ones who were laid to rest at Roselawn. We want to have a clean and well-maintained cemetery. Our commitment moving forward is to do just that in a respectful manner.

Please accept our apology as we move forward to provide quality services.

However, the damage had already been done and according to some of the comments that accompanied the post, it was not enough. Family members of loved ones buried at Roselawn fired back with stories of flower vases and stuffed animals removed from their children's graves, pulling decorations out of trash bags, and even remarks threatening to have their loved ones exhumed and moved to a different cemetery.

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