Rob Zombie fans, your favorite horror rock icon has some new stuff to share with you. During his 2013 headlining stint at Mayhem Festival, Rob Zombie shot footage for a new live DVD showcasing the musician's one-of-a-kind live show. Thankfully, Zombie has just graced fans with a short clip from the upcoming DVD.

Just from this low-resolution teaser, it's plain to see how awesome this DVD is going to be. Filmed during two Texas dates of the 2013 Mayhem Fest, the clip is full of fire, a massive visual setup behind the band, insane lights and various demons who actually make their way through the festival crowds. It's quintessential Zombie and the DVD looks extremely unlikely to disappoint.

Zombie teased the video on his Facebook page:

Head on over to my Instagram if you want to see 15 seconds of low quality video from the new live DVD! How can you resist?

This post was actually commented on by a fan named Steve who wrote, "Don't make another Halloween film Rob Zombie. Just don't," to which Zombie himself responded, "Don't post here again Steve. Just don't." Bam! You just got Zombie-slapped!

Rob Zombie's Instagram post reads, "A few moments from the new live dvd. Yes I know the quality is bad. The dvd will look sweet! #robzombie."

“A live DVD, for some reason to me, always seems like a nuisance, because after the show is done, I don’t care,” Zombie tells New York radio station Q103. “I don’t want to relive it. I mean, a certain member of the band films every show and wants to watch it immediately after the show. And it aggravates the fuck out of me. Who gives a shit? The show is over, I don’t care. I never wanna hear about it again, I never wanna see it again. Like, I never watch anything — a TV show I’ve been on; I don’t care. Once it’s done, it’s done. But I figured, at least once, we should film it.” [via Metal Hammer]

No release date has been revealed for Rob Zombie's upcoming DVD, but stay tuned for updates on when it will hit fans.