Rarely have music fans ever been so interested in someone's class project, but Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo is giving you plenty of reason to get excited. He's amassed is wealth of demos recorded over the years and put it all together in one online market where you can purchase them. But said market also doubles as a class project as he's working through a computer programming course.

As Cuomo reveals on the site, this storage place he's built to sell his demos was part of a project for a course titled CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript. It's one of the selections on his Mister Rivers Neighborhood website.

Cuomo has broken down his demos into periods of his career and maintained the Alone title that he used on a previous records of home recordings releases. He suggests starting with "The Best of Demos," which clocks in at the shortest period (22 minutes) and consists of 26 demos that he feels are the best of what he's got. You can learn more about each release by hovering your mouse over the demo collection title.

Other sets include his pre-Weezer work and run all the way through the most recently released White Album. The most expansive set is "The EWBAITE Years," taken from the period when Weezer recorded Everything Will Be Alright in the End. It clocks in at over 38 hours with a massive 1113 demos.

Cuomo also offers some tips to fans about what they're getting, revealing in a section:

For any demo:

It might have silence.
It might be wildly inappropriate.
It might have super low sound quality.
It might just be me rambling, talking, making sounds.
It may have already been shared or leaked.
It might be just a drum beat. it might not have vocals.
It might be a duplicate of another demo.
It might be an inferior version of another demo.
The information provided, such as year and description, might be incorrect.
Also, over time, the contents of each bundle in the market might change.
Or the metadata for a file might change.

Cuomo adds that he's realized that he'll be able to add files to the folders after they've gone on sale which means the bundles can be re-downloaded or specific files can be added as he discovers additional content.

So enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole with Rivers Cuomo's demos throughout his Weezer and solo years at this location.

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