Rim Rock Drive will remain closed until May 11th.

A couple weeks ago I reported how the construction and detour associated with the repaving of Rim Rock Drive had sent me around to Glade Park and that getting to the Colorado National Monument is now a royal pain. It appears the agony will contine as the road closure at the east entrance has been extended until May 11th.

Rim Rock Drive inside the east entrance will continue to be closed. The National Park Service, at the request of the Federal Highways Administration, says it's now necessary to extend the road closure. The hold up appears to be the expected weather conditions. The first layer of asphalt has been laid. However, the final layer of asphalt has not been put down and drier weather is required to make it right.
The Canyon trailhead parking and the Devils Kitchen Picnic area will remain open with some temporary closures on certain mornings. If you're thinking of using the picnic area or hiking the trails it's best to check the monument’s website to make sure your area is accessible.

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