Power Trip's Riley Gale received a heartfelt tribute on Fox News this week. One day after the metal band announced the vocalist's death at the age of 34, the conservative cable channel's Greg Gutfeld took some time on-air to eulogize Gale and explain to viewers his unlikely friendship with the musician.

The surprising salute — complete with a Power Trip T-shirt — came as part of the "One More Thing" segment Wednesday (Aug. 26) on The Five. But those familiar with both Power Trip and the Fox News host might not be surprised: Gale and Gutfeld had a relationship that often played out in public.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"Yesterday, Riley Gale, lead singer of Power Trip and all-around brilliant dude, died in his sleep at the age of 34," Gutfeld began. "I became friends with Riley in the most unlikely realm — Twitter. I played two of his songs right here on The Five, from his amazing record Nightmare Logic. If you like metal, you'll dig that. And you should get it and make that album go No. 1."

The commentator continued, "The band's Twitter reaction after I played their songs? Cease to desist. But Riley wanted to talk about it, so I called him up. The phone call lasted two-and-a-half hours. We laughed at how some people think it's wrong for people who disagree to be friends. From that moment on, that's what we became — friends. Good friends. He gave me this damn shirt."

Like many others who were touched by Gale during the Power Trip singer's life, Gutfeld had a camaraderie with the musician that extended beyond ideological lines. It was one the TV personality remembered with fondness.

"We met in Texas at a bar with his great dad," Gutfield recalled. "Both came with me to my book signing, where Riley actually helped unpack my books and hand them out. It was priceless; it was a blast."

The TV host added, "During this pandemic, we talked often and a lot about everything under the sun. It was clear this period was hitting him pretty hard, so we helped each other out. I wish I had done more, frankly. I'm going to miss him. Riley Gale, rest in rock and peace."

Power Trip gave fans a heads-up about the Fox News broadcast. On social media, the group revealed the tribute would take place ahead of time.

Earlier this week, Riley's family requested that, in place of flowers, donations be made to Dallas Hope Charities in Gale's honor.

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld Pays Tribute to Power Trip's Riley Gale on The Five

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