Here is a Thursday Throwback, do you remember when we almost lost Billy Idol? The 80s were pretty good for Billy, but he almost didn't make it out alive.

Billy Idol had a string of hits and a number of videos that were in high rotation on MTV, back when they played music videos. He had a good thing going and even had a couple of acting gigs.

That all changed when he was in a motorcycle crash that broke several bones. Idol was to have a part in 'The Doors' movie but because of the accident he didn't get it.

Billy Idol did do a cover of L.A. Woman and when you watch the video you will see he walks around with a cane. That wasn't just some style choice from the director, Idol was still on the mend.

Idol still tours from time to time and if you get the chance to catch one of his shows you should.

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