If you haven't seen the movie Jurassic Park you've missed out on a Jeff Goldblum classic. Also, it was a much better movie on the big screen. Currently scientists are working on making the concept of the movie, or de-evolution, reality. Leaving the question, "Will there be dinosaurs?"

Man In London With His Head In A T-Rex
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The concept of de-evolution is not only cool and seemed like science fiction, until a few decades ago. Thanks to science humans are closer to overcoming the scientific hurdle and have several options on how to do it.

Dinosaur On Display In Museum In London, England
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The first is the unlikely Jurassic Park scenario, where DNA would be extracted that is intact enough. Even with developments in DNA, don't expect dinosaurs.

Microscopic View Of A Two Cell Mouse Embryo
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De-extinction by reverse engineering genomes, without DNA and cloning problem, is happening now. Scientists are doing this now by re-working genes from a living relative of the Passenger Pigeon.

Cow In New Zealand Drought
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The third option is 'breeding back', or breeding modern animals for traits of their extinct ancestors. Right now scientists are looking at bringing back the aurochs, the ancestor of modern cows. With 'breeding back' the animal you are left with is already used to the climate and should gain immune system benefits to modern diseases.

Not only would scientists overcome what is currently science fiction. De-evolution could benefit the modern relatives, of what could one day be formerly extinct animals.

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