While enjoying my vacation last week my wife Savannah and I got to enjoy many things. Snorkeling is always a good time and riding ATV's were a lot of fun too but releasing 120 Sea Turtles into the ocean was the highlight of the trip.

Most people go on vacation to relax but early on into our relationship we realized that we like to explore and adventure more than sitting back with cocktails. You can always sit back and relax after going on an adventure. When the opportunity popped up to release Sea Turtles we knew that was a must.

Our excursion began learning about the different Sea Turtles and how they have evolved over time. I had no idea that the Leatherback Turtle can grow to be as big as a Volkswagen Bug (car), but it was very interesting. Then we learned about the mating process and how the females are the only Sea Turtles to leave the water to lay eggs with the males always remaining in the water.

It's typical for females to lay around 100 eggs at a time. On our excursion, there were 120 hatchlings and we were the only ones there so we each got a basket of approximately 60 turtles each. We were instructed to begin at one line in the sand we stepped forward to the second line as turtle experts watch to make sure no predators were around and then we released them all. There is one photo below of a hatchling on their back and being that little, they can still flip themselves over, so don't feel bad.

Just look at these amazing photos.

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