Everything is so doggone expensive these days and housing is probably on top of the list of things that are most expensive for residents of Colorado.

With the average price of a home in Fort Collins fast approaching the $600K mark, the dream of homeownership for many people is simply out of reach and that's sad, but there are some places - if you dig deep and are willing to move outside of a metro area - where you can find a pretty good deal and a decent price for a home.

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I did a little digging for you to find this little slice of heaven in the mountains that is going for under $300K. Sure it's small and about a 50-minute drive from Fort Collins in nice weather but what a sweet little spot.

According to Realtor.com, this 1 bedroom 1 bathroom home in Red Feather Lakes that has just under 700 square feet of living space is the least expensive home in Larimer County, excluding townhouses, condos, manufactured homes, and over 55 communities, etc.

Think about this for a second, it wasn't that long ago where you could find a pretty nice house in Fort Collins, Loveland, or anywhere in Larimer County really. But here we are.

So let's take a look at what the least expensive home in Larimer County looks like.

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