Rap is starting to show up in almost every genre of music under the sun. Recently, Rap has shown up in the most unlikely of musical styles.

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How do you feel about Rap showing up in Country, Jazz, and re-worked love tunes of the 1970's. A recent survey asked you if Rap should be fused with Country music, creating the mixture of "Crap." The example of Jason Aldean's new single "1994" was provided. As of this post, your votes total:

  • 7.14% - Yes
  • 28.57% - No
  • 64.29% - Some

With 92.86% either opposed to or at least not totally in favor of "Crap," imagine how well this is going to go over: Rap combined with Big Band music.

What's your verdict? Do you like "Big Band Rap Crap" or "Hip Swing Big Rap Band" or whatever you would call it? Perhaps this is the most amazing thing you've ever seen before in your life. Is this just what we need to revitalize the Big Band era? Should local groups like the Frank Bregar Orchestra and Clark Gault's Swing City Express add rappers to their 10-piece groups. Let them know by voting in our online poll.