Update: The verdict is in. Click here to find out the ruling in Randy Blythe's manslaughter trial.

Nearly a month after his manslaughter trial was adjourned because of an ill witness and other factors, Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe returned to a Czech courtroom earlier today (March 4) to resume proceedings. Along with testimony from a female fan and a security guard, who were both present at the 2010 Lamb of God concert where a fan allegedly suffered fatal injuries, two psychologists also took the stand to give expert opinions on Blythe's personality.

According to multiple sources, a female fan, 19, offered her testimony to the court, stating that she witnessed Blythe lift Daniel Nosek by the shoulders, pushing the fan off the stage with two hands, causing Nosek to fall backwards into the crowd. The teen claims that she was standing in the front row during the 2010 concert, and when Nosek was pushed from the stage, the Czech crowd parted, resulting in Nosek crashing down onto the floor. Two security guards, who worked the fateful Lamb of God show, also took the stand. One guard testified that he did not see Blythe push anyone off the stage during the show, while the other venue employee, who was working the door, saw Nosek being helped out of the venue by two individuals before an ambulance arrived 5-10 minutes later.

As mentioned above, two psychologists also gave testimony with intent to present findings on the character of Randy Blythe. Though one of the psychologists claimed Blythe could possibly be labeled as antisocial, citing past instances where the singer was fined for speeding and public disobedience, another psychologist found that Blythe didn't possess several traits needed for an antisocial personality disorder diagnosis.

Tomorrrow (March 5) is an incredibly significant day for the trial of Randy Blythe, as George Strauss of the Prague Police Department will deliver his testimony and an expert on biomechanics called upon by the defense will present an opinion on how exactly Nosek would have fallen, along with what type of injuries he could have truly sustained. Both sides will then present their closing statements, and finally, Randy Blythe will address the court.

According to a summary from journalist Jonathan Crane, a Prague Post journalist who has covered the case for WTVR from the very beginning, a verdict is "likely" to be handed down tomorrow. Blythe could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted, and according to Czech news site Blesk.cz, the family of the deceased fan has asked for compensation of 10,000,000 Czech Koruna (roughly $528,000).

Randy Blythe has documented a large portion of his time in Prague through photography and accompanying blog posts via his personal Instagram account. Blythe's most recent writings detail his passion for Prague's rich history, in addition to his own personal views on possibly becoming an unfortunate part of that history. "What direction I will move in, I do not know yet," begins Blythe. "Regardless, I am ready for the waiting to be over. I will move forward no matter what, and I will not be split in two anymore, no matter where I wind up. This is frustrating for me, but I am slowly learning to be a patient man. Life just happens. Deal with it."

Update: The verdict is in. Click below to find out the ruling in the Randy Blythe trial.