Comedian Ralphie May was set to perform in Grand Junction at the Avalon Theater, but things went south early in the show, and the police had to be brought in.

According to KKCO, 30-40 people gathered in the lobby stating they were unhappy with the show. Three Grand Junction police officers were called to escort the comedian to his bus for protection -- as you can see in the photo above.

Some of the audience stated May was possibly high during his performance. Mentioning he was slurring his words, not speaking into the microphone and could barely stand.

May was scheduled to start around 7:00 pm, and the police were call around 8:30 pm. May ended his show around 9:00 pm stating he was sick.

The general manager of the Avalon Theatre told KKCO that the show was put on by a promoter, and that they were not responsible for refunds.

The promoter told KKCO that he is very disappointed in the turn out of the show, and that he says May's management is responsible all refunds.

If you're seeking refunds for Ralphie May's defunct show, contact Ralphie May's manager, Andrew Dorfman at