Over this last weekend I was taking my typical stroll through Facebook just sort of skimming things, but stopped when I came to a picture of a piece of paper that a friend had taken with a ton of comments on it. The sign, which came from a truck stop near Greeley, in Evans, shocked me with it's racist remarks. 

Phillip Cisneros/Facebook

The sign (ABOVE), allegedly posted inside the Conoco at the Stampede truck stop along Highway 85 read:

Truckers are welcome to purchase fuel, parts and fluids for trucks here in our store, HOWEVER if it appears you are making repairs or you have your hood open on our property you will be arrested for trespassing! This goes for all truckers, but especially if you are of Mexican descent.

The truck stop is in an area which is known for having a large population of Hispanics, so it made it hard for me to believe that the business would single out a major part of their costumer base. But numerous people reported seeing the sign at the truck stop.

After investigating because of many tips, 9News in Denver found that the signs were posted around the business Saturday, but none were posted by employees. The truck-stop workers told police it's a part of an ongoing dispute between the truck stop and a trucking company.

The signs were obviously removed from the business.