To kick off our week in style, we've got a new character from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Let's give a warm, Cosplay of the Day welcome to Quiet, the sniper!

She's described as the main heroine of The Phantom Pain and is a silent killer. Quiet is true to her name and is a mute, only able to communicate with grunts. Not much is known about this beauty except that she dresses rather provocatively while kicking lots of butt. And this is something we can get behind.

Here is Aurore Cosplay, a cosplayer from the UK who's got a penchant for cosplaying some of gaming's most badass women. She may be in her Quiet outfit, but the cosplay speaks volumes to us and is enough to drop our jaws. We can't wait to see if she'll cosplay in any of Quiet's alternate outfits.

Take a trip down to her deviantART and see the rest of her gallery. You just might find your favorite gaming heroine there.

Aurore Cosplay
Will Satchwell
Will Satchwell

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