Grain elevators in eastern Colorado are getting an artful makeover.

Before it's all said and done, all of the grain elevators on Colorado's eastern plains could be displaying a beautiful hand-painted mural.

Three women, who call themselves Some Girls and A Mural, have applied for a grant from the Colorado Prarie Arts and Music Council that would help them achieve their goal. So far they have completed 15 pieces of artwork including town signs, a wind turbine blade, and a propane tank.

You can see some of their work in the towns of Limon and Hugo, and it is really well done.

The "Heart of Harvest" was their first project, when Staci Beauford was commissioned by the mayor of Limon to "capture the essence" of the eastern Colorado farming community."  Staci called on her sister Kayla Ravenkamp and cousin Audrey Sayles to help with the project.

In case you haven't been to eastern Colorado, let me tell you, it's not much to look at. Believe me, I know. I grew up there. But, if these ladies are successful in the quest to paint all of the grain elevators in that part of the state, it's going to make things look a whole lot better.

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