It's about to get even more expensive to be a Denver Broncos fan as the club announced Thursday it is raising the price on more than half of their stadium seats.

According to the Denver Post, the average ticket price is going up from $84.51 to $89.91, which is about a 6% increase on around 36,000 of the seats at Sports Authority Field. The increase doesn't seem all  that significant, however, what is notable is that it's the third consecutive year the Broncos have raised ticket prices.

For four consecutive years, the Broncos did not raise ticket prices. In all four of those years, the Broncos failed to make the playoffs. Now, after their third straight AFC West Division title, it's their third straight price increase.

Are the Denver Broncos raising the price simply because they can, and because they know the fans will still come? Through the years, Broncos fans have consistently sold out the stadium, regardless of the team's success on the field. While the ticket prices are beyond the reach of a good number of true, die-hard fans, apparently they are within the range of enough fans to keep filling up the stadium.

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

There is a price for success. Someone has to pay the salaries of superstars like Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, and Von Miller, and to even have a chance to win a Super Bowl, you have to have these high caliber players. And, now, with three consecutive division titles under their belts, fans' expectations are out the roof.

But, beyond that, there are stadium and facility improvements which are to the benefit of players and fans alike. The fact is, it takes millions of dollars to run a multi-million dollar organization.

I feel somewhat unaffected by the price increase because I'm not the one buying tickets. I am a huge fan, and I watch every pre-season, regular season, and post-season Broncos game start to finish, but I haven't been to a game in  years - and I don't feel sad about that.

Would I love to go to a game? Sure! Under the right circumstances and for the right price for the right seats,  I would be all in favor of taking my wife - a HUGE Broncos fan - to a game. But, if it doesn't happen, we will be just as content to cheer on the Big Orange from the comfort of our living room recliners.

Go ahead, raise the prices. But, winning the Super Bowl would sure make the increase a whole lot easier to swallow for the Bronco faithful.