A woman got into a car accident on Sunday, June 20th in Grand Junction where she drove her car into a local business.

The woman, who has yet to be identified, allegedly drove her vehicle completely through the Pride Plumbing Heating and Cooling building, located at 1663 US-50 in Grand Junction.

The Grand Junction Police Department was notified of the incident at around 7:22 p.m. on Sunday night as they received reports of a vehicle that, after crossing through a couple of lanes of traffic, came to a halt due to crashing the vehicle into the Pride Plumbing Heating and Cooling building.

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The vehicle was allegedly traveling northbound on Highway 50 close to Santa Clara Avenue when the driver lost control of the vehicle, crossing the southbound lane before crashing into the building.

Luckily, when police arrived on the scene the driver was found with only minor injuries but was nonetheless transported to the hospital where she was eventually cleared and allowed to go home.

It has also been reported that the 19-year-old driver of the vehicle is also pregnant. However, according to reports, it would not appear that any harm came to her unborn baby due to the accident.

Also, according to reports the owner of Pride Plumbing Heating and Cooling was made aware of the incident early on and crews began cleaning the debris left from the damage made to the building right away.

However, it would appear that the vehicle was damaged to an extent that law enforcement was forced to tow it away.

The incident is still under investigation and the driver has not been cited with regard to the accident.

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