Most of us have absolutely no idea how to yodel, or at least yodel without sounding like a sick or injured animal. With Grand Junction's Oktoberfest coming up on October 4, now is the perfect time to learn. Believe it or not, it's really easy.

Taylor Ware, the girl in the video, was also a contestant on America's Got Talent, so we know she's a good as it gets. Plus, who knew the basic technique for yodeling was so simple.

Yodeler Wylie Gustafson, builds on Taylor Ware's basic method with a few more exercises and explains how to find your yodeling voice.

Mark Jackson teaches yodelers what he calls the Scooby Doo method to learning how to get that great 'cracking' noise that is the key difference between yodeling and singing.

Once you've mastered the basic technique there are plenty of online tutorials to help you work your way to becoming a master yodeler.