Chris Hondros, Getty Images

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) could soon be treated with medical Marijuana. The Colorado Board of Health will hear a request to add PTSD to the list of conditions that medical Marijuana can treat.

Colorado hasn't added any new ailments to the medical Marijuana list since the state passed the use of the drug in 2000. The board has rejected PTSD a number of times, but this time may be different.

In the past, the request hasn't had the backing of the medical community but not this time. This time there are a number of doctors who endorse the use of Marijuana to treat PTSD and it could get the green light.

I hope this time the board gives its approval for the use of Marijuana to treat PTSD. Our troops coming back deserve every kind of medical treat available to them. I don't care if it is pharmaceutical drugs or medical Marijuana.