It looks like last month's charity-minded Nirvana tribute between Post Malone and Travis Barker has sparked a deeper collaboration among the superstar rapper and the Blink-182 drummer. In a recent interview, Barker revealed that he and Posty are teaming up on a co-writing session this week.

The 15-song livestream of Nirvana classics was a COVID-19 relief benefit, and the show received praise from former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic among others. But it was the spirit of creative teamwork that perhaps struck its performers the most. It moved the Blink member to nearly immediately return.

"I'm going up to Salt Lake [City] to just write for a week with [Post Malone]," Barker told Spin last week in the interview that went online Tuesday (May 26). "Just jam and have fun."

He added of the duo's preparation for April's broadcast, "I went up there the day before and we went through the set one time. … You can't over-rehearse Nirvana songs or it loses its vibe. So the whole vibe over there has been very relaxed and just whatever happens happens."

But did the pair's initial partnership give the drummer any insight into Nirvana's catalog? Maybe the Blink veteran got a different angle on the Kurt Cobain songbook.

"There are some weird Nirvana arrangements," Barker explained. "Like in 'School' there's some weird arrangements. In 'Very Ape' I think the chorus goes like five measures instead of four. Nirvana had very cool … what seemed like very simple arrangements, but when you look a little closer it was kind of different."

Perhaps Barker's upcoming tunes with Posty will put to use some Nirvana-like songwriting methods. Either way, the drummer is certainly an all-star collaborator — as his work with artists as diverse as Demi Lovato, Machine Gun Kelly, nothing, nowhere. and Yungblud clearly attests.

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