There had only been talk about what those under the age of 18 would be getting if they got vaccinated against COVID-19, the Governor has laid out the plan.

As more and more restrictions due to the pandemic start to fall away, Colorado is giving citizens the incentive to get vaccinated. Those over the age of 18 are in the 'sweepstakes' to win $1 million with five weekly drawings that will take place beginning June 4, 2021.

Governor Polis announced that those aged 12-17 who are vaccinated will be eligible to win one of 25 scholarships valued at $50,000.

According to 9News, there will be five random drawings awarding five scholarships with each drawing. Adding together the 5 $1 million drawings and the 25 scholarship drawings, the state will be giving away over $6 million dollars to try and get more and more Coloradans to get vaccinated.

As summer will pass quickly, fall will mean youths heading back to school; if more 12-17 year-olds are vaccinated and teachers are vaccinated, it's likely to greatly reduce the chance of a COVID-19 spike later in 2021.

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I see this as almost better than the $1 million; as for me, I would probably blow my winnings; where a scholarship, can mean years of earning a great salary.

The drawings for the $1 million begin June 4, 2021. The drawings for the scholarships will begin on June 7, 2021.

Get more on the latest incentive from 9News HERE.

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