The Boulder County Sheriff's Office is searching for information regarding a road rage incident that took place on May 30.

According to KDVR, three motorcyclists traveling at a high speed on the Peak to Peak Highway and were passing vehicles on double yellow lines.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

A motorist was hugging the center line in an attempt to prevent the passing at their location.

One of the riders passed the vehicle and pulled a handgun from their waistband and pointed it at the vehicle.

Tire of motorcycle

The motorcyclists' descriptions portrayed their vehicles as all-sport bikes, dark in color, with no visible license plates. One of the motorcycles is said to have red wheels.

All the riders appeared to be males wearing black helmets. One had numerous pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon stickers.

The lead rider's helmet is said to have some blue coloring on the rear quarter and blue tint on the visor.

The riders were last seen heading northbound at a high rate of speed on Highway 72 near mile marker 47.

Anyone that has information on the incident is being asked to contact Detective Angela Gondor at 303-441-3646.

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Source: KDVR


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