A recent study found that half of all strait men would prefer splitting the cost of the date, 91% would like to end the date early to save some money and only one-third will pay for the first date. Wow, what are you planning for a first date? Guy’s its rocket science. If you really want a second date here are some ideas.

First, don’t go to the movies for a first date. It may seem like a good idea but it’s not. You can’t talk her or get to know her during a movie. Plus, what movie do you pick? If it’s a guy flick she might get turned off and if you pick a chick flick you would be lying to her about the movies you like. So, stay away from the movies for a first date.

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Second, if you’re over 21 don’t go to your pub. Sure it’s cool to have a couple of drinks, but not at your pub. People know you, remember the stupid thing you did last week and don’t mind talking about it. Plus, if you are at your pub you are a little too relaxed and might have a few too many. Trust me that is never good, she might think you’re a drunk.

Here are a couple of ideas for a good first date.

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A play date is always good, go to the park, play golf or putt-putt golf, just find something you can go do together where you can talk and get to know each other. These types of dates generally don’t cost a lot and guys you will find out a lot about her, even if you want a second date.

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A hike or some outdoor activity is also very good. Now, you need to make sure if it’s horseback riding or fishing she is cool with that. You don’t want to plan this and have it blow up in your face because she’s afraid of horses.

Guy’s it’s not that hard, just a little planning and that first date will come off like clockwork.