You could visit Yellowstone a million times and likely never see what a photographer recently witnessed. He came face-to-snout with nearly the entire Wapiti Wolf Pack.

George Bumann teaches a class on the intelligence of animals which is likely why he seems to love exploring Yellowstone National Park and observing wildlife in its original element. Here's how George described what he witnessed:

After our last visit to Hayden Valley and the lakeshore before the roads closed we encountered the Wapiti Lake wolf pack napping about 200 yards from the road...Occasionally one would get up, go sniff and greet some of the others, and then lay back down again. We eventually spotted about 11 as they moved and shifted their napping spots...Then, out of the woods came seven or eight more, and they all converged together, greeting and growling and barking and saying hello in a giant scrum of fur and movement. All in all we were able to count 20 wolves.

I've never seen this many members of the Wapiti Wolf Pack in one place before on any video.

George also recently captured some very intimate wolf moments where a pup was trying to get some play time with an adult.

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It's worth noting for potential Yellowstone visitors that George used mega-zoom lenses to capture his wolf videos and stayed more than 200 yards away from the pack. That's as close as you'll ever want to get to our precious wildlife.

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