If you're a fan of The Office, you know that Angela Martin is everyone's favorite angry member of the Party Planning Committee. But you may not know that Angela Kinsey, who plays Martin, is a real-life Denver Broncos fan.

LOOK: The Office Star Angela Kinsey Lives It Up at Denver Broncos Game

So, it only makes sense that Peyton Manning would recruit Kinsey to plan a party for the 2023 Denver Broncos schedule release.

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In a hilarious parody of The Office, we see Peyton Manning in a Michael Scott-esque role as he forces Kinsey to work with the Broncos' mascot, Miles. Her fellow The Office costars — Kate Flannery, who plays Meredith, and Creed Bratton, who plays...well...Creed Bratton — check in on her too.

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There are tons of juicy nuggets, including Miles spilling clam chowder, a fire drill, a Colorado twist on The Office theme song, and more — take a look.

In her Instagram post, Kinsey thanked the team for having her and revealed that her husband is a Denver native and a lifelong Broncos fan. The official Broncos' Instagram joined in on the announcement, adding: "Conference room, five minutes."

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Jokes aside, the Denver Broncos have officially released their schedule for the 2023 season. Check out the full schedule using the link below.

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