This story is going to start with a task. Are you paying attention? First, write the name of your favorite band on a slip of paper. Okay, did you do it? Great. Next, crumple that paper up and throw it in the trash. You’re about to have a new favorite band.

To quote the press release: “The world’s most infamous death-metal/grindcore band fronted by a parrot is back.” Yes, Hatebeak is readying their latest album, Number of the Beak, which will be released June 26.

Number of the Beak will be available on CD and cassette (thank goodness!) and will also be offered in a limited edition vinyl run, 300 of which will be offered on a special bird s--t vinyl color mix of black, white and clear. The new collection of music will feature six never-before-released tracks, as well as all of their hits from 2004 through 2007. Yes, they’ve been around since 2003. Pre-orders begin June 1 at this location.

We’ve gotten our hands on some of the songs that will be on their new album and you can stream them below. Pay close attention to the screeching vocals on “Beak of Putrefaction” or how about the screeching vocals on “Feral Parrot” or “The Thing That Should Not Beak” or… you get the picture. If you haven't already, make sure to get an eyeful of their new cover art above. The visual goes perfectly with the new music.

Songs From Hatebeak's Upcoming Album 'Number of the Beak'


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