For many years now, it has become a tradition for the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show to be screened near Halloween in a fun, interactive way. Fans typically dress in costumes, shout at the screen during certain parts, and spray water into the air with squirt guns during the film's big rainstorm.

However, the town of Parker, Colorado will likely not be allowed to screen the movie this year because of an outdated law regarding indecency. Believe it or not, this is not the first time that the town of Parker has given off overtly lame vibes.

Let's take a look at why Parker, Colorado may be the lamest town in the state.

Parker Colorado Can't Screen Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Let's start with the latest news. The Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center was planning on screening the Rocky Horror Picture Show once again this fall as many cities do but some believe that an outdated law may prevent this from happening.

Apparently, because there is a brief shot of a woman's bare breast in the film, a Parker ordinance that prohibits "lewd and indecent" imagery raises some concerns on whether or not the screening is allowed.

Parker Colorado Outlawed Kratom

Another reason that Parker may be the lamest town in Colorado is the fact that it's one of the only towns in the state that has banned the sale of Kratom.

The town's council passed an ordinance a few years back banning the herb and imposed fines on those that sell it.

Other Reasons Parker Colorado is Lame

But wait, there's more. According to the website Modestate, there are numerous other cons to living in Parker including the steady increase in traffic, cost of living, bad weather, and the fact that the whole town is based around one road.

Personally, I can't actually remember ever spending time in Parker, so I do apologize if it's not as lame as it appears. However, just based on these facts, it seems like one of the lamer towns in the state.

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