If there's one thing that rock and metal fans know, it's to expect the unexpected from their favorite artists. For the release of their eleventh studio album Ego Trip, Papa Roach performed a slightly unusual venue —a Shakey's Pizza in Hollywood.

The band also incited a wall of death right in the middle of the shop while playing the Infest track "Blood Brothers." Check out some footage from the concert below.

If for some reason you don't know what a wall of death is, it's a form of moshing where the audience divide down the middle of a venue. The two halves run toward each other, slamming the two sides together. Now, imagine that happening in your local pizza shop.

Bad Wolve's guitarist Doc Coyle was in attendance during the pizzeria performance. He recorded himself in the middle of the mosh, really giving viewers at home a taste of the experience.

In addition, TikTok star and Papa Roach collaborator Jeris Johnson put down the sword while calling out the Grammys to perform during the concert. Johnson recently reworked Papa Roach's "Last Resort" with the band for "Last Resort Reloaded."

This isn't the first time a band has played a wild venue. We all remember the iconic line, "What the fuck's up, Denny's?!" And that time history repeated itself when hardcore band Wacko played an intense show at another local Denny's in Santa Ana, California.

Check out this list of the 10 wildest locations band have played live for more off-the-wall performances from some of your favorite rock and metal acts.

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