Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix has seen his fair share of hard times, but out of the darkness, he's still maintained a sense of optimism and that shines through particularly strong within the band's latest single, 'Leader of the Broken Hearts.' That light in the dark is exactly what's at the heart of the band's new video for the track.

The song itself starts ominous enough, coming across as yet another heartbreak track, but Shaddix turns it on its ear in the chorus, embracing the experience and putting a positive spin on it as he triumphantly declares, "I'm the leader of the broken hearts."

Within the video itself, a young Shaddix escapes from an orphanage and sets out into the dark world, emboldened by the constellation-like light that appears on his chest. It may seem like he's all alone, but as the video progresses he meets other "light-minded" individuals who share that missing piece of themselves and are driven by it. The clip culminates with a gathering of the "broken hearts" who are able to share their collective energy throughout the world and beyond and in the process begin the healing.

'Leader of the Broken Hearts' is the fourth video to come from Papa Roach's 'The Connection' album cycle, following 'Where Did the Angels Go,' 'Before I Die' and 'Still Swingin'.'

Watch Papa Roach's 'Leader of the Broken Hearts' Video