While there are some forwarding the "rock is dead" argument, you won't get that response from Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix, who backs up his argument while proclaiming, "I feel like we're at the precipice of, like, the raging, roaring, rocking fucking '20s."

The singer tells Rock This With Allison Hagendorf, "I think for me it's exciting [to be in a rock band right now]. I think it's in a really exciting place. You know, there's a lot of inspiring music that's coming out. Bring Me the Horizon is one of those artists that's pushing rock into the future. You know, Grandson is pushing rock into the future. Yungblud is pushing rock into the future. Machine Gun Kelly stepping into rock and roll and making waves. It's exciting."

While other genres may be more featured on award shows, Shaddix points to those genres as seeing the value in rock's best traits. He explains, "Rock is infecting other musical cultures. Rock has infected country. Let's be real. It's like, you're listening to country and they're turning them distorted guitars up. You know, a lot of those dudes listen to rock music and so you can hear that element getting pushed into that country world. Also, in the hip hop world kids are putting guitars in their hip hop now, and for me, I'm like, this is a good time to be in a rock and roll band. It's like I feel like we're at the precipice of, like, the raging, roaring, rocking fucking 20s."

Shaddix adds, "We're just standing on the edge of it. And I think as Covid evolves and we're able to get back out there onto the road and this inspired music that is being created this last year keeps coming out, you know, and that's what we've done. We've created a new record and we feel like we're a player in that game. Like we took the reins of our ship. And we're like, all right, how are we going to take rock and roll into the future and how are we going to lead the charge as well?"

The singer says he doesn't want to be a "passive person" in bringing rock to the forefront, adding, "I want to be on the front lines bringing this motherfucker back to the masses. And it feels that way. You know, and we've had a few moments in the last few years that signify that."

While there's been talk of Papa Roach's next album arriving in early 2021, Shaddix reiterated that fans will hear new music this year. "Summertime feels like the time to drop in some new music and we're just going to drop music like, you know, a track then wait about six weeks, eight weeks, drop another track sick, wait six weeks, drop another track and just through the end of the year, just keep dropping music to lead up to a release of an album," revealed the vocalist.

Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix on Rock This With Allison Hagendorf

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