Can Paola grab her third win this weekend? Well friends that's up to you.

Wednesday's Melee was a close one but Paola defeated Ashley with 56% of the vote. Now she's up against Bridgette, who seems to be trapped inside of a (luckily) non-operational sauna.

@Paolacorvea is a sex advisor for MAXIM Español who hails from Miami, FL. That explains the beach body.

@BcoletteB is a Vietnamese, French and Scottish model from Pennsylvania who claims she can throw a baseball better than most men. With a BA in Law and Society and a successful career in modeling, this girl has beauty and brains.

So which pic is hotter? You can vote as often as once an hour until Sunday 6/16 at 12PM EDT.

Official Rules 

The winning girl moves on to challenge another girl next week. If one woman dominates and wins four weeks in a row, she makes the ‘Model Melee Hall of Fame’ and gets retired from the competition. At the end of the year, all Hall of Famers will return, to face off in the crowning of the Grand Model Melee Champion…or something – we will come up with a better title by then.

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