Most metalheads love Pantera, and there's a pretty good possibility that the band's music has likely motivated many fans to pick up an instrument and try to replicate some of the legendary group's songs. With that in mind, Pantera are now encouraging their fans to take part in a Pantera covers competition.

The 'Covers From Hell' competition asks those interested in participating to "show the world you can slay like Pantera." The aspiring rockers are allowed to pick the Pantera song of their choice, record their rendition, upload it to YouTube and then tag the video with the hashtag #panteracoversfromhell.

The video that generate the most "likes" will make it to the final 10 and be featured as part of the heavy metal showdown that launches at beginning April 18. And for those looking for a few tips, it is noted in the description for the contest that "unique takes and instruments are also welcome."

To learn more about the Pantera 'Covers From Hell' competition, click here. And if you need some ideas for what to cover, check out Loudwire's 10 Best Pantera Songs by clicking the button below.