The Denver Broncos are 26 1/2 point favorites over Jacksonville Sunday, as of noon on Friday. The Broncos are averaging 46 points per game, while the Jaguars have scored only 51 points all season. From all indications, there's no need for either of these teams to show up. Is there any drama at all in Sunday's game at Sports Authority Field  at Mile High in Denver?

Jacksonville fans I'm sure would be hesitant to concede the fact  their Jaguars have absolutely  no chance to beat the Broncos. After all, this is the NFL, and stranger things have happened. Well, maybe not stranger things, but certainly strange things do happen.

(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Personally, I would expect the Broncos to win by 20 points, but given the way the defense played last week against Dallas, I'm not so sure the defense will do any better against the winless Jags. I'm not saying it's going to be a close game, but I do believe it will be closer than the point spread by the time we get to the fourth quarter and all of the Broncos' starters are out of the game.

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So while the outcome of the game doesn't seem to be in doubt, perhaps we could find some more interesting things to wager on surrounding the game. Here are some possibilities.

  • Who will catch Peyton Manning's first pass?
  • Who will score the first Broncos touchdown?
  • How  many times will Peyton Manning flail his arms wildly and holler "hurry, hurry!"
  • Will Peyton throw for more than 400 yards?
  • How many times will the camera show coach John Fox fiddling with the headphone box he wears on his hip?
  • How many times will the stadium crowd be led in the chant "IN - COM- PLETE!"
  • How many times will they show Peyton Manning sitting on the bench with that big, red mark on his forehead from his helmet?
  • How many times will they show John Elway pacing nervously on the sideline, wondering if his team is going to cover the spread?
  • Will the Broncos reach 40 points before halftime?

Regardless of the outcome or the score, I will be watching until the very end. I don't really care about the spread, but just for fun, here's a prediction. Denver 38, Jacksonville 17. Broncos get the win but not by more than 26 points.