If you've ever gone shopping for a case for your phone, you've more than likely come across the brand named OtterBox. OtterBox phone cases are some of the most durable you'll find at the store, and the company also produces all kinds of other phone accessories, coolers, and more.

Today, OtterBox is very popular, so it may come as a surprise to you that the company's humble beginnings started right here in Colorado, and still has its headquarters here.

Keep scrolling to learn more, and to take a virtual tour of OtterBox's Colorado headquarters.

OtterBox: A Colorado Company

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OtterBox was founded by Curt Richardson in 1998 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Richardson noticed that water sports were becoming quite popular and built his first OtterBox as a waterproof box for rafting, kayaking, etc.

After developing these kinds of products, OtterBox shifted its focus to waterproof iPod cases in the early 2000s, then again to mobile phones later on which is the most popular product today.

In addition to being a phone case company, OtterBox also produces waterproof cases for Military-grade accessories and gives back to the community with OtterCares, a foundation whose goal is to inspire children to become entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

The building you're about to see below is OtterBox's headquarters, located at 209 S. Meldrum Street in Fort Collins, and it certainly looks like a fun place to work.

As you'll see, the building has all kinds of bicycles inside, a gym for employees, and even a slide.

Take a look at one of OtterBox's Colorado headquarters buildings:

Check out the Headquarters of Colorado’s Otterbox Company

Take a look inside the headquarters of phone case company Otterbox, which has its origins and current location in Colorado.

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