A wife recently wrote a Facebook ad to find her husband a friend. After moving across the country, I've got the same problem. This is my seeking a friend ad.

The wife wrote the ad in good fun but admitted that is hard to find friends as adults. She said it's even harder when you're in a new place and especially when you're a parent.This is the ad that the wife wrote for her husband, Gary.

Seeking Friend For Husband

I can't believe I'm putting an ad out there for my husband but Lord this man needs a friend.

* save me *

Does your husband enjoy college and pro football? Is he handy around a car? Does he know his way around a gun and enjoy manly walks through the woods? Then he needs a Gary! Wheat is a Gary, you ask? Great question!

Gary is 31 years old. US Army veteran. Avid bow hunter and lover of all things Football. Connoisseur of American muscle cars and gym rat. Those easily upset by excessive cursing and loud noises may want to consider not getting a Gary. We here at My Friend Gary Inc. understand that a Gary may not be for everyone. If you think your husband may enjoy Gary, please leave a comment on the comments section!

Seems like it did pretty well because she had a few women reach out to say how much her post made them laugh and now they have plans to watch football with another couple. So, I'm trying to get like them and commencing operation: find me a friend.

I'm Alicia Selin, I'm 25 and from North Carolina. I love going to shows, festivals, etc., I like dancing, eating drinking and fishing. I have a five-month-old kitten, which is a huge pro (or con if you don't like scratches.) I need someone who will hopefully make me work out more. I speak two languages, I love to travel and I also like:

  • Mansions, boats, jet skis, ATVs, yachts, planes, private jets, big trucks, fast cars, expensive wine and food and all-inclusive trips

(I'm not a gold digger and I'm mostly joking...mostly.)

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