High winds and dry conditions force the local fire ban.

Even with the recent showers and snow in the high country, 70% of Colorado remains in a drought designation. Given the circumstances, Mesa County Public Health has issued an Open Burn Ban for today. The ban also includes all agricultural burns. Outdoor burning of any kind will not be permitted. Whatever needs burning, it can wait. If you violate the ban you could face a fine and possible additional criminal citations.

The National Weather Service has also issued a Red Flag Warning for the Grand Valley. The overly dry conditions, low humidity, and high winds mean conditions are conducive to out-of-control fires.

If you think the bans are an over-reach by local officials, consider this, the 2018 wildfire season is predicted to be the worst since the summers of 2012 and 2013. This warning is straight from Gov. John Hickenloooper. "Getting these little bits of moisture, which really isn’t increasing the snow pack significantly, is a cause for concern because people do get complacent.”

If the predictions prove to be true this could be devastating for Colorado. During the 2012-13 seasons the Black Forest, High Park and, Waldo Canyon fires destroyed more than 115,000 acres and 1,105 homes. So please heed today's warnings and all future fire bans which are sure to come.
Credit: Westernslopenow.com 

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