The North Avenue name change is now facing a challenge from local community members who want the voters to decide.

There are a couple of concerns. Some are concerned about the cost that will be forced on business owners requiring their name change to coincide with the new name. Others unhappy about the change because of its history. I tend to agree with those wanting to keep the street name as is. I really don't agree that the name "University" really ups the visibility of CMU and its connection to the city.

Those with the nostalgic connection are against the change. Some locals harken back to the day when cruising North Avenue was a thing and argue that the street name should remain as it is.

There's a petition out there and gaining support. So far, over 600 persons have signed on requesting that the name change is placed on the November ballot. You can find the group on Facebook, "Keep North Avenue Name As Is."

The whole idea of the name change came about as part of the CMU 20,000 initiative to help raise awareness and support for the university. To learn about that effort, click HERE.


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