Last week, NOFX frontman Fat Mike made headlines by knocking the hell out of a stage-crashing fan in Sydney, Australia. Both Fath Mike and the fan made their apologies via Twitter, but Mike took the initiative to allow the fan, Alex, to get his revenge.

During NOFX's Nov. 5 Sydney concert, Fat Mike had complained about serious neck issues, asking the crowd to stop throwing things on stage because of it. However, the punk crowd kept tossing stuff at Mike, putting the bassist / vocalist in a sour mood. Alex took the brunt of Fat Mike's wrath after jumping onstage and putting his arm around the NOFX frontman, which led to a hard backhand a swift kick to Alex's face.

After the two made amends on Twitter, Fat Mike extended the olive branch to Alex, getting him into another Sydney performance. Alex ended up backstage where, as promised, Fat Mike treated him to a beer. Even cooler, NOFX made Alex a one-of-a-kind, signed shirt featuring a still shot of the dreaded face punt. Alex even got to go up onstage with NOFX once again, this time singing alongside Fat Mike in front of a packed house.

As for Alex's revenge, Mike got his own kick in. First putting on a slipper for Mike's protection, Alex took a free shot at the musician, kicking him hard in the shin. Check out that brilliant footage above.


Cheers to both Alex and Mike for burying the hatchet!

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