It seems like ever since the rock world lost Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in 1994, little bits and pieces of Nirvana's famed history have been popping up. This latest discovery posted online is a simple piece of paper. However, printed on that very page is Nirvana's first-ever contract with Sub Pop records, who signed the band for a mere $600.

Almost 20 years since the band broke up, interest in Nirvana is still ridiculously high. There have been a million box sets, biographies, documentaries and even feature films based on the character of Kurt Cobain. In fact, a 20th anniversary 'In Utero' box set is due next month. Those who can't get enough of the seminal grunge band will love to look over Nirvana's first Sub Pop contract, which was posted via the record label's Tumblr page late last night (Aug. 20).

Boasting the names of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Chad Channing and Jason Everman, the contract is for three full-length records with a $600 advance for Nirvana's first year with the label. Nirvana were also promised a $12,000 advance for their first option year and a $24,000 advance for the group's second option year.

Below the contract, Sub Pop writes, "Nirvana’s original contract with Sub Pop. Six hundred bucks well spent—not that we had it at the time."

Check out Nirvana's first contract with Sub Pop Records below!

Sub Pop