Motley Crue recently wrapped up their latest tour but bassist Nikki Sixx isn’t wasting any time getting right back to work on one of his many other projects -- Sixx: A.M. While all the members of Sixx: A.M. pull double duty with multiple gigs, the band has managed to get together long enough to start putting the pieces together for their next album, the follow up to 2011’s ‘This Is Gonna Hurt.’

Sixx posted an update on Facebook, saying, “Writing Sixx: A.M. lyrics today at home. Cutting bass parts tomorrow with James and DJ will be laying down his guitar parts when he returns from Canada.” James of course being James Michael, who in addition to singing in Sixx: A.M. has his hands full as a producer, and DJ being guitarist DJ Ashba, who also plays guitar in a little band called Guns N’ Roses.

Sixx also said that things are moving along quickly, sharing, “This album is coming together fast...Time to start thinking of an album title.”

Back in January, Sixx talked to Loudwire about the writing process for Sixx: A.M., explaining that they’ve really let the creative juices flow this time around. “This time, we really want to fly on our own. We started out the songwriting process by having conversations about how far we can push ourselves musically,” explained Sixx. He continued, “We’re just taking a lot of chances musically and at this point nothing sounds at all like Sixx: A.M. that you would know, because we’re taking such huge leaps of faith that we’re going to land on our feet.”

Although no official timeline has been set for the disc’s release, Sixx also seemed encouraged about possible tour dates to coincide, saying, “I think I would like to go out in 2013 and do some shows, maybe a month’s worth of shows, just to kind of feel what it feels like.” Sounds like a perfect plan.