Nikita Penalosa is a 20-year-old model from Santa Clarita, Calif. Penalosa is a social media-savvy glamor model. She maintains profiles on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. She updates practically ever facet of her life, from text to pictures to video blogs and sends the info directly to her followers, or, as authorities might call them, stalkers.

With her fabulous body and flawless complexion, Penalosa has done a great deal of bikini, lingerie and other promotional modeling, including print work in calendars and magazines. She's modeled as both a blonde and a brunette, which is convenient for guys who can't decide what type of woman they want to worship. Man up and choose, dudes!

Sadly for guys, Penalosa does 'NOT DO NUDES.' Wow. When it's ALL CAPS, you know it's a serious statement. Perhaps she'd just rather her privates stay private.

Height: 5’1” | Weight: 90 lbs. | Bust: 32D | Waist: 30” | Hips: 23"