Lists … we all love them as it sparks debate about whose opinion counts the most, and there may be no more opinionated music fans than those who love metal. So, this April, there's sure to be plenty of arguments coming between metalheads as 'The Merciless Book of Metal Lists' arrives in bookstores everywhere.

Music vets Howie Abrams and Sacha Jenkins penned the book, which showcases list after list of sometimes factual and frequently opinionated features on metal. The foreword for the book was penned by Slayer's Kerry King, who states, "This book will appeal to metalheads because it's what they love. They'll get to laugh at the industry and at themselves. Any information is good information and metal kids want it."

In addition, Pantera / Down frontman Philip Anselmo penned the afterword. He states, "I am an unabashed heavy metal fan, and I know as well as anyone, that metal fans can be an extremely loyal lot. But we are a very critical lot too. With each new movement, a new, defiant, outspoken, and sovereign audience is born. Music is older than all of us, so its history is ours to writhe in and absorb."

Metal fans can also find contributions from Anthrax's Scott Ian, Exodus' Gary Holt, Soulfly's Max Cavalera and many other metal luminaries. Look for 'The Merciless Book of Metal Lists' in stores April 9. You can currently pre-order the page-turner here.