A new - and very believable scam - is targeting Netflix subscribers in an attempt to get their personal information.

According to Mailguard, the scammers use a template that enables them to individualize the message to those who receive it. This makes the email appear that it really is from Netflix.

Those who click on the button to Restart Membership are taken to a login page that is designed to mimic the real Netflix login.

Once logged in, you'll be taken to a page to update your billing information followed by a page to validate your payment method. Once you have entered the information on the fake site, you get a message your membership has been reactivated.

What has really happened is you have given the scammers enough personal information and a credit card number to allow them to steal your identity.

Below is an example of the email scammers are sending. Action Fraud notes that in this particular instance, the template failed to replace the name field with a real person's name. They also offer important information and steps to keep yourself from being defrauded by email scams like this one.

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