Many, including myself, love to talk crap about North Korea aka 'Worst Korea'. Why? Because their leaders are crazy, their country is run horribly, life for many North Koreans downright sucks and their political skills are mediocre to say the least. Something that may surprise you is how much North Koreans love to smoke marijuana and it's completely legal.

Let's face it, if you lived in North Korea you would need to take the edge off somehow too. The communist country has serious ramifications for those who are into 'hard drugs' like crystal meth aka "Hillbilly Heroin", but turn a blind eye when it comes to marijuana and opium.

North Korea is secretly more open and free about their use of marijuana than the Dutch, unless you're a tourist. North Korean roads are lined with marijuana plants freely growing on the side of the road and is smoked freely in the communist country,

If you h:ad to live under the thumb of a Kim-Jong Something, you would probably need something to take your mind away from the days filled with hard labor too. Although in a country that can barely keep everyone fed getting the munchies wouldn't be any fun.

Smoking marijuana is widely accepted in North Korea and is called 'ip tambae' or "leaf tobacco". It is mostly popular with young soldiers in the North Korean military and lower classes. Although tourists will hard it to come across since tour guides are tight-lipped about the 'special plant', without a bribe.

North Koreans don't smoke week mainly for the psychoactive properties. They smoke North Korean marijuana to save money and take a break from their already cheap cigarettes, as well as the muscle relaxing medicinal value after a day of hard labor.

The North Koreans use newspapers to roll their marijuana cigarettes and even have a 'preferred paper' to use.

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