It has happens in Colorado all the time, driving just as winter hits and wondering if the mountain pass will be open or closed. If they are it taks a lot of backtracking to get back on the plowed roads. With warmer weather hitting Colorado and melting snow, when will those winter road closeures end?

The Colorado Department of Transportation doesn't like to put themselves against the wall by committing to dates. According to the latest from the CDOT map there are about six roads in Colorado with seasonal closeures still in place.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation:

Kebler Pass

Closed until the spring of 2013, to check on the status call Gunnison County Public Works at (970) 641-0044.

Cottonwood Pass

Closed for the season on January 27, 2013. Call Chaffee County at (719) 539-6961 for updates.

Independence Pass

Closed for the season in early November and will reopen in the spring of 2013.

Guanella Pass

Closed for the season towards the end of November. Call 303-679-2422 ext 2. for updates.

Mount Evans Road Echo Lake

The road closed mid-October 2012, summit will reopen in spring 2013.

Trail Ridge Rd

Colorado River Trail Head to Many Parks Curve closed for the season at the end of November 2012. Call 970-586-1222 for updates.

The Glenwood Canyon Bike Bath

Between Glenwood Springs Dotsero is closed for the season. I-70 itself is open and unaffected. Seasonal closure began December 13th, 2012 at 1:18pm.

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