Pets have been attacked by mountain lions west of Glenwood Springs.

Winter is a challenging time for wildlife. With sub-freezing temperatures, several inches of snow on the ground, and natural prey is short supply, predators at times look towards domesticated animals for food. Those living in the Glenwood Springs area have reported increased encounters with mountain lions. Colorado Parks & Wildlife confirms that there have been several pet attacks over the past few weeks, with one pet being killed.

Mountain lions aren't the only predators struggling to find enough natural prey. Coyotes are opportunistic hunters as well and have a repetition of preying on small mammals, domestic pets, livestock, and domestic fowl including chickens and ducks.

CP&W is asking that you be vigilant and keep a close eye on your pets when outdoors. Also too, consider keeping your pets inside when you're away from home. "They're not out searching for your pet but it's an opportunity,” Perry Will, wildlife manager for CPW, said. “Same thing goes for children, adults running. Pay attention, you do live in lion country. A lot of people don't think so, they don't see one, but they're definitely there."

Credit: KJCT 8News

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