The Bureau of Land Management wants your input on "The Plunge."

Mountian Bikers, here's your chance to share your thoughts on the new trail. The "Palisade Plunge" concept has been around for years. Your help will move the project one step closer to becoming reality.

The proposed trail would like no other. It will start on top on the Grand Mesa and roll down 30 miles and drop an amazing 6,000 feet in elevation. "There are not many trails like this in the world, that run 30 plus miles and have 6,000 feet of net elevation gain or drop associated with them," said Scott Winans, the president of the board of directors of the Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association. The economic impact of such a trail would be substantial for the area and is certain to draw mountain bikers from around the world.

The project has been a massive undertaking with several local organizations all pooling their efforts. The City of Palisade and Grand Junction, Mesa County, Orchard Mesa Irrigation District, the Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association, Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, and the Bureau of Reclamation are all involved. Now, it's your turn.

The Bureau of Land Management recently completed their environmental assessment of the proposed trail. You can comment now through April 13. Sail mail yours to the following address: BLM Grand Junction Field Office, Attn. Palisade Plunge Trail, 2815 H Rd., Grand Junction, 81506. They can also shoot them an email at: After the BLM has reviewed the comments they plan to have a final decision in May.

There's a public meeting scheduled at 5 PM, March 21 at the Palisade Community Center.  Bring your thoughts and questions.

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