Even though Motorhead had to cancel their summer European concert dates due to frontman Lemmy Kilmister's health issues, the band is still on track to release their latest album 'Aftershock' this fall and have unveiled the track listing (see below). The band's 21st studio album was produced by Cameron Webb (Pennywise).

As far as Lemmy's health goes, there's some good news. Guitarist Phil Campbell recently posted this message on Motorhead's Facebook page: “Hey, everyone out there. Better prepare yourselves big time, ‘cos our mind-blowing new record, 'Aftershock', will be coming out! Lemmy is on the mend and we are gonna be touring our asses off! Business as usual real soon!”

The seemingly ageless and indestructible Lemmy proved he is indeed mortal when it was revealed he had been equipped with an implantable cardioverter-defribullator (ICD) after an irregular heartbeat diagnosis. Soon after that, Lemmy ran into another health issue, suffering from a hematoma.

As Lemmy recuperates, Campbell is keeping busy. His Phil Campbell All Star Band are preparing for their debut performance at Bloodstock in England on Aug. 11. It includes members of Straight Lines, The People The Poet, Dopamine and Attack Attack.

Motorhead ‘Aftershock’ Track Listing

1. ‘Death Machine’
2. ‘Heartbreaker ‘
3. ‘Coming Back to You’
4. ‘Going to Mexico’
5. ‘Courage’
6. ‘Queen of the Damned’
7. ‘Lost Woman Blues’
8. ‘Crying Shame’
9. ‘Paralyzed’
10. ‘Dust and Glass’
11. ‘Coup De Grace’
12. ‘Silence When You Speak to Me’
13. ‘Knife’