Rock songs in the '80s were loaded with tales of partying, excess and rock 'n' roll decadence. Bands like Motley Crue were mass distributors of those types of songs back then, but they aren't heard much anymore today. Drummer Tommy Lee said it's "kinda sad" how "safe" rock has become.

"It has, and it’s kind of sad," the drummer told Classic Rock in a new interview about his upcoming solo album Andro. "I haven’t heard a rock record that’s blown my mind in a long while. I can’t think of anything that I’ve heard lately that has made me go,  'Holy fuck!' And I’m constantly looking."

Lee believes that rock 'n' roll doesn't actually embrace the rock 'n' roll attitude anymore, the kind that he and Crue personified a few decades back. In fact, he thinks other genres have taken on that demeanor.

"When you watch a lot of hip-hop videos or EDM videos, it’s all about people having a good time and just fucking living life, just fucking rock-starrin’ it. It’s like the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle is emulated by so many other genres."

Fans who are expecting to hear hard rock, Motley Crue-esque tunes on Andro are likely to be surprised, but a little open-mindedness can go a long way.

"I kind of feel sorry for people who are just rock fans, cos they’re gonna miss some really fucking cool songs that aren’t necessarily straight rock," Lee affirmed. "They’re just fucking cool songs."

According to the drummer, Nikki Sixx digs the album — though Vince Neil and Mick Mars may not find it "their cup of tea." Andro will be out Friday, Oct. 16. Pre-order it now.

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